Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Hi! I'm Elizabeth! It's been a very long time since I haven't post any blog. heheheee... anyways, today's topic is about KEN PATTERN....


he's an artist from CANADA where MS. JEss' from.
So, he said: "Creating visual images has always been a part of my life. As a child, I loved to draw and I was the typical school kid bringing home the creations all parents are so proud to receive (hopefully). I took art seriously throughout my school years until I graduated from high school in 1961. For me art was right up there with rock & roll and girls."

in 1963, he left Canada to explore Europe for six month then four years later he returned after having spent two years in Europe and two more in Africa and Asia.
he then move to Jakarta in 1988 but in 1990, he started to draw about JAKARTA, here he's works:
"food court" by KEN PATTERN

this looks so real right? he wanted is to potrayed Jakarta not through the tall buildings and the modern things in Jakarta, but the slums and the traditional living.

this is my favourite, because it looks so lively and beautiful... i hope i can be as good as him one day, hehehee.... well, that's all!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Confessions of a Shopaholic : The Movie

For all you shopaholic fans out there!! This is the time to get excited because Confessions of a Shopaholic, the first book of the Shopaholic series, is going to be made into a movie. The movie is in the making right now and it is scheduled to release February next year. I know it's a long time to wait, but i bet its going to be worth it. Isla Fisher (who you all probably know as the wife of Sacha Baron Cohen), will be playing the lead role as Rebecca Bloomwood or the shopaholic in the story.

I am a fan of the shopaholic series and i have read all five of the books from the series. Basically the shopaholic series tell stories about the life of Rebecca Bloomwood, a young woman who cannot control her shopping habits. It was a fun story as there is also some romance and comedy in the story.The first book is about her early career as a financial adviser in England. In the next books, she moved to New York, plans her wedding, met her long lost sister, and the last book is about how she prepares to be a mother as she finally got pregnant.In all five book, Rebecca continues her struggle to manage her money and it also tells about how she overcomes the problems from her spending habits in the end of each book. I find all five books very interesting and fun to read. It is a very light reading material, and the language used are pretty general English. Personally the third book from the series is my favorite one, but overall they're all very nice to read on your spare time. For all you girls that adores fashion, you will surely like the shopaholic series. For the guys, these books maybe a little too girlie, but hey, one of my guy friend (i wont mention any names here :p )read one of the books and he loved it! So some of you guys might want to try reading them too.

I read the synopsis of the movie and i found out the the story is a little twisted from the real story from the book. But overall it was similar and in the movie we will surely see some great clothes and handbags and also shoes! I can't wait for the movie!

- Angelina -

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Indonesian TV series suck!

Few months ago, I accidentally watched Indonesia TV series in an Indonesian channel because I have nothing to do. At first, the story is quite interesting. It told about a story where there was a girl, whose family was running a pasta
restaurant, accidentally met a guy that was an actor. Then tha girl prtend to be the guy's girlfriend but at last they fall in love each other. I think i was quite nice to watch, but after watching it for 30 minutes I got boring, so i chenged the channel into other indonesian channel that plays a different TV series or "sinetron". So, rather than I have nothing to do, I was just continue watching. But then, I realize that the story was the same with the one that i watched before from the other channel.

Don't you think it is crazy? They were actually plagiarizing each other! They played the sinetrons at te same time but in two different channel with wo different title.

the worst thing is that not so long ago i found out that those two sinetrons that were plagiarizing each other were actually copying a Taiwanese drama called "Smiling Pasta". In other words, Indonesia plagiarized the storyline from other country's drama.

It is very unbelievable that there are no more creative people who con produce somehing original. I hope, someday the future generation of young people
can create something new and produce a high quaility original creations eapecially in movie industry.

Still wondering. Unconsciously, media have a great affect in one's life. Media can just pass with a click or catch someone in a blink and tied them tight using TV wires.
How come I'm easily 'kidnapped' into the media world?

Will come out soon. =p

Monday, December 10, 2007


I think everybody is rushing to finish their 12 blog entries. Maybe it sound easy for some people, but for me it is 
really hard. Ineed to find a lot of topics to talk about especially because I miss a lot of daily posts. 

Some people think that writing a blog is boring, but actually I find it ver interesting and fun because we can share something with other people and read their comments about our blog entries. Sometimes they can give you a very useful suggestion to improve our language or we can also read the comments about their different opinion that is contradict with ours.

But all the funs of writing a blog become a very boring thing because sometimes we just lack of interesting topics that 
can attract our stressed out mind and relax it.
From the blog, I sometimes find something that makes me eager to know and it will make me to read and read until i finish it all.
That is kinda cool becaus by one reading we can know more about the things that we don't know.

So, have you guys finished writing your 12 blog entries?
You can find it interesting even tough sometimes it is a boring work to write about something in it.